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About US

Pacific Shipping Company was founded as an NVOCC in March, 1995. As the eastbound ocean trade evolved, Pacific Shipping Company moved the primary focus of the business from getting the cargo transported from Asia to handling it once it arrived in the Seattle Tacoma Ports. The providers of those services available in the market at that time were not adaptable enough to service the needs of current ocean customers. This process was completed in September of 2003 with the leasing of the first dedicated Pacific Shipping Company warehouse. Pacific Shipping Company voluntarily surrendered all ocean freight related licenses and bonds in 2004. The company has last located in July 2015 and now occupies 32,000 square feet of warehouse space in Kent equal distance from ocean and rail terminals in Seattle and Tacoma.

Pacific Shipping Company is not the typical, one type of service operation. Programs have been developed for retrieve, hold, and release on a variety of products, same day transloads, heavy lifts, repackaging to meet customer specifications, and various other functions. The entire operation prides itself on being able to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Pacific Shipping Company is also dedicated to the concept that services for a customer that we are not prepared for, do not have proper equipment for or cannot meet the time criteria on, we do not accept that work but will work with other area service providers to refer the customer to the proper organization for the handling of their needs.

Pacific Shipping Company is not CFS bonded and has no plans to become CFS bonded in the future. All cargo handled at our facility is lawfully entered into the commerce of the United states with all duties and taxes paid by our customers prior to handling at Pacific Shipping Company.

Pacific Shipping Company is continuing to broaden the scope of the operations for future business with the addition of more and diversified material handling equipment, constant growth in dedicated contract local drayage, and longer term project management development for our customers.

Pacific Shipping Company is able to perform as it does due to the breadth of experience and longevity of the staff at Pacific Shipping Company. Programs are in place to continually train and cross train all members of the staff. We do not employ the services of day labor companies or contractors. The Company has an available labor poll of known, project specific but part time staff, that are utilized when required for specific projects or time periods. This allows for maintenance of performance levels, continuity and security of product.

Always ready to be of service.

Kim L. Knise
Pacific Shipping Company